Project overview

Situated on the banks of the River Thames, New Capital Quay is a £300 million Galliard Homes development on a peninsula in Greenwich. New Capital Quay is home to over 600 private residential apartments, as well as a brand new flagship Waitrose store. With such high occupancy rates, Galliard Homes understood the necessity to provide the residents of New Capital Quay with accessible EV charging facilities.

Galliard Homes commissioned EVC to undertake their residential charging project, alongside the development of charging facilities for New Capital Quay’s commercial car park. EVC conducted an initial site survey to identify the availability of power, and number of chargers necessary to provide accessible EV charging points to the residents on New Capital Quay. Following the survey, it was determined that an initial three 22kW dual outlet chargers would be installed, providing six EV bays to match the current demand of electric vehicles driven by residents.

During the planning process, it was also established that EVC would install the necessary infrastructure for a further 14 future EV bays. This additional infrastructure provision, ready to be installed seamlessly in-line with residents’ uptake in electric vehicles, helped to future-proof New Capital Quay.

After the installation was completed, the charge points were made available to use by the residents of New Capital Quay. Residents were made aware of their new charge points by EVC supplying marketing and PR material to inform of tariff prices and a guide on how to use the new chargers.

Galliard Homes opted for EVC’s fully funded solution for the installation at New Capital Quay. This meant there was no capital outlay required for the installation, and the ongoing maintenance of the charge points was also provided at zero cost.

New Capital Quay Retail EV Charger Case Study New Capital Quay Retail EV Charger Case Study New Capital Quay Retail EV Charger Case Study

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