06 Nov 2023
EVC becomes a Certified Partner of ChargeSafe

EVC is delighted to announce that it is now a Certified Partner of ChargeSafe, an award winning 140+ Point independent public EV charging endorsement body, designed to ensure the safety and accessibility of EV charge points across the UK. This new partnership aligns with EVC’s mission to make the EV switch simple by making charging more accessible and will help to improve the personal safety of EV drivers across the UK.

Becoming ChargeSafe accredited is a milestone for EVC, alleviating concerns by enabling drivers to easily check the safety and accessibility of specific charging stations, highlighting any potential challenges that the driver might face. ChargeSafe’s inspection process is completely unbiased, and each charging site is afforded its own ChargeSafe score so that EV drivers know exactly what to expect when visiting an EV charging station. The score is based on six key areas: accessibility, compatibility, environment, ease of use, facilities, and e-bikes. EV drivers will be able to check all aspects of each EVC charging station, from the nearby available facilities and functionality of the chargers, to the safety of the environment and everything in between.


“At EVC, we believe that EV charging should be safe and accessible for all, and we are proud to be working with ChargeSafe to continue making this a reality. Whilst we are already committed to prioritising the safety of our chargers, the data behind ChargeSafe’s ratings helps to highlight this - as well as indicate potential areas for improvement within our network. Overall, this partnership is a massive step towards providing drivers with a seamless charging experience in all aspects.”

Rich Robinson, COO, EVC


ChargeSafe encourages community reviews, so that drivers using EV chargers can provide valuable insight into any problems or concerns they have had at a charge station. ChargeSafe are then alerted of this and can begin the process of making the necessary improvements. In the same sense, drivers can celebrate the EV charging stations which they find to be safe and accessible, highlighting these locations for other drivers to make use of - and creating an established network of safe charging locations.

Not only does the focus on accessible and safe EV charging improve the charging experience for existing EV drivers, it is also a crucial step in encouraging the widespread adoption of EVs, by giving people the confidence of knowing they can easily find a suitable place to charge. EVC is proud to partner with ChargeSafe to build an EV charging network that is centred around the safety of EV drivers.