10 Nov 2023
Living Wage Employer

At EVC, we believe that everyone should be paid a wage that meets their everyday needs, which is why we are an accredited Living Wage Employer. This commitment reinforces our belief that our people are top priority who deserve to be paid the Real Living Wage – a wage based on the cost of living in the UK.

The Independent Living Wage Commission decide on the final Real Living Wage, but a lot of consideration goes into the calculation behind the scenes. The Real Living Wage is calculated by the Resolution Foundation based on a core basket of goods and services that is believed to be essential to cover the cost of living. What constitutes this ‘core basket of goods’ is decided by a variety of people from different households, and includes day-to-day costs such as food and bills, but also ad hoc payments people may need to make, such as a new school uniform or a birthday present.

Our commitment to providing a wage that meets the everyday needs of our people is a reflection of our values and dedication to creating a workplace where everyone is respected and paid the Real Living Wage.

At EVC, putting our people first is not just a principle, but a practice.

Find out more about the Real Living Wage here.