15 Feb 2024
The Workplace Charging Scheme for state-funded education institutions

In February 2024, the UK Government’s Department for Transport introduced an extension of the Workplace Charging Scheme – the Workplace Charging Scheme for state-funded educational institutions. The grant provides support towards the purchase and installation of electric vehicle (EV) charge points in schools and other education institutions.

Education institutions can set a powerful example by installing onsite EV charging facilities, demonstrating a commitment to environmental responsibility and aiding the UK’s transition to electric mobility. This new grant will help to relieve some of the financial burden of installing EV charging.

What is included in the scheme?

The new scheme provides up to 75% off the cost of buying and installing charge points, up to a maximum of £2,500 per socket. The grant can be used on a maximum of 40 sockets across all sites, which includes any applications made previously via the Workplace Charging Scheme.

Who can apply for the grant?

The grant is for state-funded schools, colleges, nurseries and academies* based in England, Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland.

(*Academy trusts can apply for up to the maximum of 40 sockets for each institution within the academy trust.)

Institutions will need to apply for the grant, and if successful will receive a voucher that is valid for 180 days from the date of issue – the installation must be completed in this time.

(If you are an independent school or other education institution, you can apply for funding via the Workplace Charging Scheme.)

What are the eligibility criteria?

To be eligible for the grant, the educational institution must have:

  • An existing or future need for charging an electric vehicle
  • Designated off-street parking facilities that are clearly associated with your premises (the parking may be used by customers, guests, visitors, staff, or others)
  • Had a site survey done by an installer, such as EVC, who has confirmed that your site can support EV charging
  • Not have applied for a grant for the same charge point under the EV infrastructure grant for staff and fleets or any other grant scheme.
  • Have the authority to apply for the Workplace Charging Scheme on behalf of your organisation.

How long do I have to apply?

You can apply for the Workplace Charging Scheme grant for state-funded education institutions until midnight on 31st March 2025.

What are the benefits to educational institutions of installing EV charging?

Installing EV charging at educational institutions is a great way of encouraging current staff and students to adopt electric vehicles, promoting sustainable commuting habits and improving staff and student satisfaction levels.

Institutions can also benefit from increased revenue generated through usage of the chargers, which can then be invested in other educational endeavours.

Don’t miss the chance to take advantage of this exciting opportunity!

Investing in EV charging infrastructure means educational institutions can ensure they are ready for the electric future as more people switch to EVs – encouraging greener travel and reaping a variety of other benefits. By making use of the grant, educational institutions are relieved of some of the initial start-up cost, making it easier to future-proof the institution and access the benefits of installing EV charging.

EVC is an OZEV-approved installer/charge point operator, and will manage the entire EV charging installation project from end-to-end. If you are looking to install EV charging at your educational institution, we have a dedicated member of the team who will arrange a virtual meeting with you to take you through the application process, step-by-step, and discuss options for your EV charging solution.

You can speak to one of our EV charging experts here.