07 Sep 2023
EVC Joins ChargeUK

EVC is thrilled to announce its new partnership with ChargeUK, an influential alliance focused on shaping policies to drive the development of a comprehensive and customer-centric EV charging ecosystem. This collaboration underscores EVC's commitment to supporting the UK's ambitious net zero goals and facilitating a seamless transition to electric mobility.

ChargeUK's primary mission revolves around championing policies that foster a commercially led, consumer-focused, and purpose-built EV charging infrastructure. This mission resonates with EVC's core values, aligning seamlessly with its goal to provide convenient, accessible, and reliable charging solutions for EV owners across the UK.

"By joining ChargeUK, we are taking a significant step towards proving a nationwide EV charging infrastructure, focussed on delivering convenient and accessible charging to aid the transition to electric vehicles. Our partnership underlines our shared commitment to advocating for the policies that will shape an EV charging experience that is truly centred around the needs of consumers."

Nick Ballamy | CEO | EVC

Central to this collaboration is the emphasis on integrating customer feedback into policy-making. Both EVC and ChargeUK recognise that the evolution of EV charging infrastructure should be driven by the actual needs and preferences of EV drivers. By actively seeking and incorporating customer insights, the partnership aims to ensure that policies are not only effective but also resonate with the end-users they serve.

The partnership between EVC and ChargeUK further highlights the urgency of scaling up the UK's charging infrastructure. As the nation accelerates towards its net zero carbon emissions target, the adoption of electric vehicles plays a pivotal role. A robust, accessible, and convenient charging network is essential to encourage widespread EV adoption and to alleviate range anxiety among consumers. This collaboration between industry leaders showcases the determination to make the transition to EVs smooth and seamless for everyone.

ChargeUK is the trade association representing the companies that install and operate the charge points enabling the UK’s transition to electric vehicles. Its mission is to support the delivery of the UK’s net zero goals by advocating for policies that accelerate the rollout of a commercially led, consumer focused, fit-for-purpose EV charging infrastructure ecosystem and by representing the EV charging infrastructure industry. As part of ChargeUK, EVC now has an amplified platform to voice concerns, contribute viewpoints, and actively shape the industry's trajectory. This presents an exciting opportunity for EVC to contribute its expertise and insights to discussions that will shape the future of EV charging infrastructure in the UK.