Project overview

KFC Towergate (Milton Keynes East) is a busy spot for drivers making quick stops throughout the day. As the number of EV drivers on the roads continues to increase, it provides the perfect location for rapid EV charging – drivers can top up their battery during the time it takes to eat their meal.

Noting this opportunity, EVC worked with KFC Towergate to implement a bespoke EV charging solution, making use of EVC’s fully funded financial model whereby the entire process is completed at zero-cost to the business. This includes providing ongoing management and maintenance of the chargers, in addition to 24/7 customer support.

Initially, a 150kW rapid charger has been installed at KFC Towergate to ensure EV charging services could become available to customers at the earliest convenience. This provides two bays of rapid EV charging, complete with signage and bay markings, making them clearly visible to customers and increasing accessibility. As for power supply, EVC obtained a point of connection directly from the grid network. As the grid undergoes upgrades and more power becomes available, EVC have plans to install two further rapid chargers at KFC Towergate in accordance with the success and usage of the existing charger.

Provision of rapid EV charging is a simple way for destinations to attract more customers. The convenience that it affords is extremely important for EV drivers – in this case, the opportunity to charge your vehicle whilst stopping for lunch is an invaluable timesaving benefit. Furthermore, KFC Towergate is able to reduce its CO2 emissions produced from customer travel by attracting eco-conscious diners - differentiating itself from competitors as the greener choice.

KFC Milton Keynes EV Charger Case Study KFC Milton Keynes EV Charger Case Study KFC Milton Keynes EV Charger Case Study KFC Milton Keynes EV Charger Case Study

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