Project overview

Health Transportation Group UK (HTG) is the UK’s leading provider of specialist transport services, carrying out more than 500,000 journeys on behalf of the NHS every year. HTG faced challenges and concerns that prompted a shift towards electrifying a percentage of its ambulance fleet, which led to increased demand for EV charging infrastructure. To support this transition, HTG partnered with EVC, to install and manage EV charging infrastructure across their operations.

Since the implementation of EV charging for the ambulance fleet, HTG has witnessed significant operational changes and improvements. There was an initial installation of 11 sockets across 2 locations, with a future potential implementation across a further 20 locations. The increased number of chargers ensures that more vehicles can charge simultaneously, streamlining operations and reducing downtime. Additionally, the deployment of EV charging infrastructure has eliminated the need for manual labour required for switching over vehicles to charge, thereby enhancing efficiency.

HTG experienced unexpected positive impacts after the initial installations. Reduced manual labour and streamlined operations were complemented by backend software and charging load management, which proved to be exceptionally helpful in optimising charging schedules and resources.

The adoption of electric vehicles and EV charging infrastructure has significantly contributed to HTG's sustainability goals and environmental initiatives. Staff members are encouraged to switch to electric vehicles, as they have access to free charging, fostering a culture of environmental responsibility within the organisation.

The collaboration between HTG and EVC exemplifies the successful integration of electric vehicles and EV charging infrastructure into specialised transport services. With a focus on sustainability, operational efficiency, and user satisfaction, HTG continues to lead the way in electrifying ambulance fleets, setting a benchmark for the industry.

Health Transportation Group UK EV Charger Case Study

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