Project overview

Granite House is an office space located in Watermead Business Park, North Leicester. The site offers 150 parking spaces, 20 of which now offer easily accessible EV charging.

EVC held an initial consultation with Granite House to discuss the best approach to installing EV charging facilities at Granite House. A site survey was carried out and it was decided that 10 22kW dual socket chargers would be best appropriate to the location – this type of charger is perfect for places where users will be spending a considerable amount of time, such as office spaces.

Having EV chargers at the workplace has become a valuable benefit for employees, as more people are switching to electric and not everybody has the option to charge at home. It’s also a great way to show you are a forward thinking business that cares about their employees needs as well as the environment!

Looking to future-proof the site at the same time, EVC installed infrastructure for a further 20 bays – this means additional chargers can be installed when needed, causing minimal disruption to the site itself.

Granite House is now able to accommodate for any employees/visitors who drive electric, with the EVC team available to manage and provide ongoing maintenance for the chargers.

Granite House EV Charger Case Study Granite House EV Charger Case Study Granite House EV Charger Case Study

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