Project overview

The historic Battersea Power Station, which was once the UK’s third largest energy generating site, is now home to 49 of EVC’s 22kW chargers. The new chargers will provide an accessible way for residents of the apartments to top up their vehicles at this beautifully repurposed site.

With the ‘ultra-low emission zone’ (ULEZ) in London set to be expanded in 2023, many more Londoners will look to make the switch to electric. The percentage of new electric vehicle registrations is already nearly at 25% in London. It is crucial for the city to implement the right infrastructure to accommodate this and alleviate the strain on the public charging network. Residential managing agents at Battersea Power Station understood the need to provide convenient overnight charging to their residents, and looked to work with EVC to provide this valuable service.

In an effort to improve London’s electricity infrastructure for the city’s growing population, Battersea Power Station was opened and began production in 1933. The station was crucial in providing electricity to London, at one point supplying a fifth of the city’s power supply! The power station was eventually closed down in the 70s due to concerns around pollution and its effect on people and the planet. Despite its closure, the power station has remained a prestigious site ever since, even featuring in some iconic films such as The Dark Knight and The King’s Speech.

The EVC installation team visited the power station to carry out a site survey – this involved consulting on the layout of the car park and availability of power supply for the chargers, as well as advising on the type and number of chargers that would be needed. Due to the size of the installation, an in-depth plan and timeline was established to ensure the optimal approach was agreed upon, reducing the amount of disruption for the users of the power station’s car park. It was finalised that 98 bays of fast charging would be suitable for the residents, who are now able to reliably charge up their EVs whenever they need to.

The most convenient and reliable place to charge is always at home. Having EV charging at home allows people to enjoy their EVs to the full extent with one less thing to worry about in the morning. Demand for EV charge points is rising as more people make the switch to electric, and residents look for a solution at home. EVC specialise in providing block residential EV chargers for shared or allocated parking bays.

Battersea Power Station EV Charger Case Study Battersea Power Station EV Charger Case Study Battersea Power Station EV Charger Case Study

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