08 Mar 2024
EVC partners with Lancing Parish Council to fast track the roll out of EV charge points in Lancing

UK-based electric vehicle charging company, EVC, who operate a nationwide charging network, is pleased to announce a partnership with Lancing Parish Council to make the EV Switch Simple - providing a positive contribution to sustainability for residents and visitors of Lancing.

Through the partnership, a mixture of fast and rapid charge points will be installed at Beach Green and Wide Water car parks in Lancing, to provide convenient charging facilities and meet the needs of electric vehicle drivers

“This collaboration not only signifies our commitment to a sustainable future, but also enables Lancing Parish Council’s community and visitors to conveniently charge their electric vehicles. With this partnership, we aim to create a seamless experience for EV drivers, knowing that reliable and accessible charging facilities will be readily available” – Nick Ballamy, CEO, EVC.

EVC x Lancing Parish Council 2

EVC will be installing the charge points on a fully-funded basis, carrying out the installation and ongoing maintenance of the chargers at no cost to Lancing Council. Each car park has different requirements and capabilities, and EVC have recommended the appropriate number and type of chargers to be installed at each location through their bespoke consultation process.

EVC’s fully funded solutions aim to meet the demands of the EV industry, providing innovative and scalable charging infrastructure alongside charging management software. Their core focus is on providing convenient, practical and reliable ‘destination’ charging options for its growing customer base. These include hospitality, leisure and retail venues, workplaces and multi-dwelling residential units. Through boosting destination EV charging infrastructure, EVC aims to eliminate the so-called ‘range anxiety’ experienced by EV drivers concerned about finding reliable charge points. 

“We are delighted to join up with EVC to provide yet another service to our Village and Visitors. Lancing Parish is committed to a green agenda” – Cllr Mike Mendoza, Chairman, LPC.