03 Aug 2023
The Importance of Scalable Infrastructure

A key thing to consider when beginning your EV charging journey is the fact that your business will require more charge points in coming years than it does now. Initially, you may only need a few charge points at your development to meet the current demand of EVs on site, but think of having EV chargers as a long term plan. EVC consider the bigger picture when developing a charging solution, to ensure your business’s electrification journey is as smooth as possible.

EVC Cumulative Number of BEVs in the UK 01

The demand for EV charging is rising steadily year-on-year as the 2030 ban on the sale of new diesel and petrol vehicles looms closer – it’s predicted that by 2030, EVs will represent more than 60% of vehicles sold globally, so it’s key for car parks to be able to effortlessly increase the number of chargers they provide.

Scalable charging infrastructure allows developments to easily increase the number of EV chargers on site as required. During the initial installation process, it’s determined how many charge points are needed to suit present demand. An assessment is also carried out to investigate how demand will grow, and how many additional chargers will be required in future to ensure drivers can reliably top up their EV.

The infrastructure for future chargers is installed at the same time as the live chargers, allowing for the seamless addition of more charge points. Since the power supply for all the chargers is built in during the initial installation, additional chargers simply need to be connected to the power to go live. By planning ahead, EVC can future proof your development for years to come, continuously adding more chargers alongside increasing demand with minimal disruption to the site.