06 Jul 2023
Vegner Group partner with EVC

EVC have partnered with Vegner Group to deliver bespoke EV charging solutions within the block and estate management market. The partnership will see an increase in the number of EV chargers installed on residential properties, allowing people the convenience of charging at home.

EVC will work with Vegner Group to determine the optimal number and type of chargers required for each site. Each location will have different requirements when it comes to installing EV chargers, and EVC are here to assess exactly what infrastructure is required and what is possible. EVC will guide Vegner Group through the entire process with a full turnkey solution in mind that includes the supply and installation of the chargers and any ongoing management/maintenance.

“We are very excited to announce our partnership with Vegner Group, which signifies a big move towards future-proofing the residential sector for the rise in EV drivers. We understand that it’s most convenient to be able to charge at home, and are delighted to work with Vegner Group to introduce our EV charging solutions to their clients” – Nick Ballamy, CEO, EVC.

“At Vegner Group we are dedicated to working with professional companies to deliver third party services to our clients across our group brands. EV charging is a big area of focus for our clients and we are happy to announce Vegner Group has included EVC into our approved contractor listing” - Director, Vegner Group.

As the demand for EV charging facilities rises with the increase in EV sales, there will be a requirement for a larger number of chargers in future. EVC future-proof sites by ensuring the infrastructure in place at the time of initial installation to support further demand, enabling the seamless transition to additional chargers.